ICAgile Agile Coaching Course in Berlin

Agile Coach Berlin

Hey #Berlin, we are coming your way!

Are ready to give the next step in your career? To become the best #AgileCoach that you can possibly be?

Because we want you to start with the right foot, attend our #ICAgile Certified Agile Coach training in March.

What are the contents of the course? Is the course suited for me? All valid questions! Here you can find the answers: https://ricardomestre.pt/course_catalogue/ic-agile-certified-agile-coach-icc-acp/


Get your tickets here: https://buff.ly/2sBPsvB


2019: is becoming an Agile Coach your New Year’s decision?

ICAgile Certified Agile Coaching trainings? Yes, we have!

New Year, new Decisions… if one of them is to become an Agile Coach, we have what you need to start in the right foot: our ICAgile Certified Agile Coach trainings.

We are providing them in Helsinki, Oslo, Berlin, and Lisbon.

Have a look: https://buff.ly/2CiuPJx and book your seat!