Second Practice of kanban

Today we are going to talk about the second of six practices of Kanban.

Transcript: Hello everybody.

So, back to the six practices of Kanban. Today we’re going to talk about practice number two, and that is limiting your work in progress.

You see that here we have our backlog, okay? And here are the pieces of work that are ready to be taken into our workflow. Let’s say we determine these are going to be your work-in-progress limits to start. And this here is going to be five. Design and done. And for both columns, if they’re in design, this is the limit. Four. Now, let’s say we have three here, which is doing and done.

And then, in the end, we have nothing that’s in deployed. So what does this mean? To have nothing implies that here is infinite, and here on the backlog is also infinite.

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