Certified Kanban Management Professional Training in Berlin

Kanban Management ProfessionalCertified Kanban Training


Hello again #Berlin! 

Have you heard or read about #Kanban?  Do you want to know how to implement it in one of your teams? 

Then our Certified Kanban System Design (#KMP1) course is just what you need to do it right.

What are the contents of this course? Is it suited for me?

Here you can find the answers: https://ricardomestre.pt/course_catalogue/certified-kanban-systems-design-kmp1-lean-kanban-university/

And here you can get your tickets for this course: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/certified-kanban-systems-design-kmp1-berlin-tickets-57980676765

If what you are looking forward to scaling your Kanban implementation to several teams and deepen your knowledge about Kanban, we are also providing the Certified Kanban Management Professional course (#KMP2).

Here you can find the contents of this course: https://ricardomestre.pt/course_catalogue/certified-kanban-management-professional-kmp2-lean-kanban-university

….and here you can get your tickets for this course: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/certified-kanban-management-professional-kmp2-berlin-tickets-58000613396

You can take the 2 courses in 4 consecutive days, in order to get the Lean Kanban University (https://edu.leankanban.com/) Kanban Management Professional Certification.

Kanban Management Professional

The Kanban Management Professional (KMP) accreditation is a globally-recognised accreditation that you can use as official recognition of your achievement.

In that case, please contact us first (ricardo@ricardomestre.pt) and we can provide you a discounted price when you participate in both courses (with exception of launching tickets)

As usual, if you buy a launching price ticket, you can get an extra ticket for free, which will be drawn among the participants.