Featureban: a great example of how didactic games lead to quicker understanding of new concepts

Featureban is a great didactic game, created by the great Mike Burrows. Who wrote the also great book “Kanban from the Inside”.

It shows the impact of batch sizes in Lead Time.

On the iterations where the batch size is bigger, we will have a higher Work In Progress, which will increase Lead Time.

By using didactic games in trainings and consultancy, we help the participants move from the abstract to the tangible.

And also have the side benefit that they have a lot of fun on the process… as you can see in the video below.

Self-organization: using a game to show how it emerges within a team

This is a very lively example of using #gamification in #Vodafone. It shows the self-organization emerging within a team. Turn the volume up :).

One might think, at a first look, that using a game is not helpful, because it doesn’t map a “real” work environment.

We agree to disagree with that point of view.

When using a game to teach/demonstrate/have the participants walk a mile on this new pair of shoes, we focus on the skills/concept/technique on what we are providing coaching/training. Here we are focusing on self-organization.

We gain that focus by leaving out everything which is not relevant.

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