Self-organization: using a game to show how it emerges within a team

This is a very lively example of using #gamification in #Vodafone. It shows the self-organization emerging within a team. Turn the volume up :).

One might think, at a first look, that using a game is not helpful, because it doesn’t map a “real” work environment.

We agree to disagree with that point of view.

When using a game to teach/demonstrate/have the participants walk a mile on this new pair of shoes, we focus on the skills/concept/technique on what we are providing coaching/training. Here we are focusing on self-organization.

We gain that focus by leaving out everything which is not relevant.

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IC Agile Accredited Coaching course in Lisbon


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ICAgile Agile Coaching Course in Berlin

Agile Coach Berlin

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2019: is becoming an Agile Coach your New Year’s decision?

ICAgile Certified Agile Coaching trainings? Yes, we have!

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Ricardo J Mestre Lda launches first ever ICAgile-accredited Agile Coaching classes in Finland and Norway

cropped-Ricardo-Mestre_130618-02-2-6.jpgMember Organization

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Aveiro, Portugal – ICAgile Member Organization Ricardo J Mestre Lda is launching the first ICAgile-accredited Agile Coaching classes in Finland and Norway in February. The Certified Agile Coach classes are going to take place at Helsinki from 11.02.18 to 13.02.18, and at Oslo from 25.02.18 to 27.02.18.

“After working with Agile methodologies for 12 years, and as an Agile Coach for almost 7, my company crafted this class based on real-world experiences – from working in a startup to global tech giants. ICAgile sets a high bar in terms of Learning Outcomes and adult teaching methods” said Ricardo Mestre, the ICAgile Authorized Instructor for both classes.
Participants who successfully complete the course are eligible to earn the prestigious ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC) designation, and will walk away with a strong knowledge of key Agile Coaching techniques.“Since the Course and the Trainer have passed ICAgile’s rigorous review, you can be assured that you will get the best course possible, with a lot of post-course homework that will help you keep on growing.” said Mestre.

Students will also have access to an exclusive Slack channel, provided by the Member Organization, where they are invited to exchange experiences and ideas with Ricardo J Mestre Lda.

About Ricardo J Mestre Lda
Ricardo J Mestre is a training and consulting company based in Aveiro, Portugal. A member organization of ICAgile, Ricardo J Mestre delivers certified ICAgile training classes, consulting, and talks in several countries throughout Europe.

About ICAgile
Founded in 2010, ICAgile is a leading global agile accreditation and certification body that helps organizations design learning experiences that cultivate an agile mindset and enable sustainable agility. ICAgile provides world-class learning tracks to guide organizations in the development of their curriculum. ICAgile’s approach is not tied to any specific agile methodology, thus giving people the flexibility to blend flavors in a way that makes sense for their reality.

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