Courses Public offerings for 2020

We are very happy to share with you all our Public Training offerings for 2020 of the IC-Agile Agile Coaching course and the Lean Kanban University Kanban System Design (KMP1). We hope to see you soon in Berlin, Lisbon, and Oporto.

Check the Courses here!

Stay tuned for further offers, or get in touch with us if you want an in-house training in your organization!
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Lisbon Oporto

Kanban System Design (KMP1) available in Lisbon and Berlin in 2020!

Certified Kanban Training


Hello again #Berlin and #Lisbon

Have you heard or read about #Kanban?  Do you want to know how to implement it in one of your teams? 

Then our Certified Kanban System Design (#KMP1) course is just what you need to do it right.

What are the contents of this course? Is it suited for me?

Here you can find the answers:

And here you can get your tickets for this course:




As usual, if you buy a launching price ticket, you can get an extra ticket for free, which will be drawn among the participants. 

ICAgile Agile Coaching training in Lisbon

Hello, #Lisbon

Are you ready to give the next step in your career? To become the best #AgileCoach that you can possibly be?

Because we want you to start with the right foot, attend one of our #ICAgile Certified Agile Coach training in Berlin.

What are the contents of the course? Is the course suited for me? All valid questions! Here you can find the answers:

Get your tickets here:

February 17th to 19h

March 9th to 11th


How to provide effective feedback

Being able to openly receive and provide effective feedback that builds people up instead of tearing them down is essential to helping individuals achieve their potential.

Feedback needs to provided in a way that is constructive and it doesn’t feel like a personal attack on the receivers’ side.

In order to do so, we recommend a technique called Impact #Feedback.

Have a look here for our #ICAgile Certified Agile Coach training in #Berlin, #Dubai, and #Munich:

If you would like to know more about the full scope of our training, please have a look here: ic-agile-certified-agile-coaching-icp-acc/