We provide training and consulting on Agile, Lean and more, designed to develop People and Organizations

We count with 14 years of experience in Scrum, Kanban and Agile Coaching in the trenches, from Startups to global Corporations.


Here you can find some testimonials from our Customers:

Sevar Khusainova – Consultant – Agile Transformation & Product Data Management at Grundfos

I had the great pleasure of having successfully completed my KMP II training/certification online, as delivered by Ricardo Mestre.

The learning material was “served” in custom-tailored, comprehensive portions. Video conference did well compensate for “in-person” presence; hence we were able to maintain an eye-to-eye contact & use gestures and “quick napkin explanations” where applicable.

The time between sessions allowed for more profound reflections & better understanding. Moreover, I was able to dedicate enough time to the exercises and list all the questions & issues I stumbled upon.

I would like to thank Mr. Mestre for being such a flexible, knowledgeable, and dedicated trainer who is genuinely interested in trainee’s understanding & success.

Jasminko Kontrec – Agile Coach at Egencia

I attended Ricardo’s Agile Coach training in March 2019 in Berlin. It was a real pleasure to attend his training, for he shares his wealth of experience in Agile methodologies with generosity and competence. His approach is practical – backing up the principles and methodology with concrete examples – and engaging – involving the students in practical, fun exercises to make sure that the knowledge has sunk in.

I found him to be free from vanity, boastfulness, or great pretensions. Ricardo would be a true asset as your Agile go-to person – a real difference-maker – and comes with my heartfelt recommendation!

Robert Brendler – Independent Agile Coach

I attended an ICAgile Accredited Agile Coach course in Munich in July 2018, where Ricardo was the trainer. On top of the slides and course material that contained the required content for the certification, Ricardo delivered a lot of knowledge and examples from his own time as an agile coach.

While I already gained a lot of experience as an Agile Practitioner and Scrum Master myself, it was great to be able to ask advanced questions and not get answers by the book but from the experience of handling similar situations.

Thanks to the other participants and the moderation of Ricardo, I had a pleasant time with lively team exercises, as well as simulated one on one coaching sessions and took a lot of useful tools and pointers to additional material with me.

Thanks to him and his observant Co-Trainer Nuno we received a complete summary of all the material, topics, useful links and relevant books on the evening of each training day, I never had that in any other training, loved it.

During the training I rarely had the feeling to be taught lessons, I would rather say the mix of theory, practice, team exercises, storytelling, the contribution and calling for experience from the participants and the personal interest and engagement of Ricardo was just about right to enjoy the training as a collaborative workshop with occasional moderation and time boxing interventions.

It was an excellent experience; the notes I took will keep me busy for months.

I can entirely recommend Ricardo as a Trainer.

Daniel Zutavern – Director of Product Delivery and Agile Practice

I would recommend Ricardo Mestre, and his courses in agility as his content was inspiring, very usable, and informative – in every second of his course, you could quickly feel that he is not just teaching theoretical content as everything is built on his agile delivery experience as a coach in the past. Yes, I would do a course with him again.

Luca Benyovszky- Agile Coach at Virgo Systems

Ricardo was well-prepared; the whole three days went smoothly. The program was diverse, so it was easy to concentrate the entire time.

He was open to questions, discussions, and new ideas tried to help, not just with the exact topics of the training course, but more. I saw him as a very open-minded person who is ready to learn more by having interesting professional conversations. I have already put a couple of things that I learned there into practice.


Natalja Inozemtseva- Scrum Master at Luxair Group

The training I attended in March 2019 in Berlin was very well organized – good preparation of materials, structured agenda with pauses, flexibility in given topics on demand of the current group, a lot of shared experience from Ricardo, and kicked off discussions and exercises within the students’ group. I enjoyed all three days together with this group of professionals. Applied right away in practice some of the tools and activities are given there by Trainer Ricardo.